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Guide to see and delete Bing search history

Page history last edited by Justin Kent 9 months ago

Bing History is a popular search engine developed by Microsoft that serves in solving the queries of users. Bing History has millions of users across the globe building on the hope that the people have on Bing History. An individual can get an instant answer on the questions that they make on Bing History like sports, finance, health, etc.. An exciting feature that you will see on the Bing History homepage is the quiz.

Bing history

The most essential reason for deleting your Bing History is that the measure helps in removing the monitoring cookies. The use of cookies by most sites keeps track of your online actions. The issue with having cookies is that your Bing Background is the fact that it may serve for business purposes. The deletion of your Bing History can help in removing the cookies automatically out of the system.

Now you can click on the Gear Icon, which signifies the placing, located on the upper right corner of the webpage. Once you click on the icon, then a drop-down menu will appear.Now on the drop-down menu, then you can select the Search History option. Once you find the Search History page, you can click on the Down Arrow which in next to Change bing quiz History Settings. Beneath the Change History setting, you will come across the Clear All button.

Bing history

You have to answer the query first for the other questions to follow along. Unless you answer the question asked first you will not have to read the next query. Apart from answering the question, you should also provide a suitable reply to the question being asked of you in the Bing History quiz. The great thing about Bing History quiz is that you can choose the type that you enjoy based on your strength. Therefore, you will discover Bing History quiz fun with the passage of each query.

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